Peggy Sue! – Keep Calm And Bounce

artworks-000035743079-t62a6b-originalGeelong based dj/producer, Peggy Sue!, drops in with his latest mix tape featuring a barrage of locally produced tracks, including a few from our very own label.

For a full track listing, check out the Soundcloud description.


1. The Boogie Man (Peggy-Sue! Edit)-Mike Metro
2. Southside Jam (Choobz Remix)-Wellsaid & Rubberteeth
3. Stupid (Mike Metro Remix)-Hey Sam
4. Bring Ya Booty (Benson Remix)-The Mane Thing
5. Little Green Men (Benson Remix)-Mushroom Mountain
6. Wherever (Choobz Got Bounce Remix)-Clipping
7. Body Girl (Peggy-Sue’s Nek Minnit Remix)-Jesus!
8. Smooth (Clipping Remix)-Code Luke
9. Tits! (Benson Remix)-T-REK
10. Say What (Peggy-Sue! Remix)-Eddie Stephens
11. Unborn Living, Living Dead (Benson Remix)-Mike Metro
12. Over (Original Mix)-Hannah Wants
13. LunaPark (Club Mix)-The Clan

Keep Calm And Bounce – Peggy Sue!