Torren Foot

“There are only two types of people that wear Hawaiian shirts. Big fat party animals and gay guys…” – Homer Simpson

When the name Torren Foot springs to mind we are definitely thinking the former. This hardworking talisman of the Melbourne club scene has made his name off his notoriously deep sets and his ability to froff on with the best of them.
Having made his way up gigging anywhere and everywhere for the last 5 years he broke through after successfully taking out the Jump To This remix competition in mid-2012. Since then the only way has been up for a man who’s grimy and dirty bass laden productions are matched only by his grimy and dirty facial hair stylings.
Can be seen regularly at Wah Thursday’s in which he is currently holding the reigns or at any number of Melbourne clubs in the early hours with lips firmly wrapped around a Melbourne Bitter and rolling trademark fashions that have lauded him king of the hipsters and homeless alike.
Recently his reputation as a producer has sky-rocketed with original releases popping up on Suckmusic and Jump To This and there is no doubt that this up-and-comer will have any number of fans ballin’ like Rondo and any number of female counterparts getting drunk and getting taken to aforementioned fans respective condo’s